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Headboard Attachment Unraveled: Pros and Cons of Wall Mounting Kit vs. Headboard Struts

If you're looking to upgrade your headboard, you may be faced with the dilemma of how to attach it. There are two popular options for headboard attachment: wall mounting and headboard struts. We will explain these two methods and provide you with Pro’s and Con’s to help you make the right choice for you.

Wall mounting a headboard involves attaching the headboard directly to the wall behind the bed, instead of attaching it to the bed frame. This is typically achieved using a wall mounting system, which can come in different types and styles. However, we will not delve into the specific types of wall mounting systems.

Headboard struts are typically wooden (although they can also be made of metal) strips of timber that are shaped like a fork. They have a slot on the bottom for height adjustment and connecting holes at the top. They are designed to be used in conjunction with bed bolts to securely attach a headboard to the back of a bed frame.


Headboard Struts

Typically, headboard struts are not attached to the headboard during transport. They need to be bolted to the headboard using pre-attached fixings. The distance between the fixing holes for headboard struts on the bed frame is standardised in the bed industry, but it's important to confirm there are present on the bed frame before ordering. They are not always visible, they are generally found 6 inches in from both sides of the bed.

The bed bolts needed to attach the headboard struts are typically provided by the bed manufacturer, and not the headboard supplier. It's important to ensure that you have these bolts and haven't misplaced them; replacement bolts are widely available in different threads and Lengths. Additionally, it's worth mentioning that while UK-sized beds generally have standard fixing holes for headboard struts, European beds may not have them

Wall mounting

The installation process for wall mounting a headboard involves using a wall mounting system, which comes in various types and styles. To mount the headboard on the wall, you will need to drill holes in the wall, and you will need tools such as a drill, tape measure, and spirit level. Basic DIY skills are usually required for this task, although you can also hire a handyman to assist you if needed.

Design & Size

When wall mounting a headboard you do not need to worry about the size of the headboard; you can have the headboard as high as you like. Generally, when using headboard struts, you are restricted on the height of the headboard; you need to mount it at the top of the mattress.

On the other hand, wall mounting provides you with full freedom to choose from a wide range of headboard designs. You can opt for:

1. A tall headboard reaching up to the ceiling
2. A headboard that is wider than the bed frame
3. A floor-standing headboard
4. An L-shaped headboard that covers both the head and sides of the bed frame

The headboard can be attached using one of several methods, including mounting it from the top of the mattress, the top of the bed frame, the top of the skirting board, or even from the floor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to wall-mounted headboards, giving you ample creative freedom to choose a design that complements your personal style and bedroom decor.


Wall mounting a headboard provides greater stability as you are not limited by the width or height of the headboard. You can freely choose a headboard of any size, whether it's a tall hotel-style headboard or a wider headboard that extends beyond the bed frame.

On the other hand, when using headboard struts, there may be restrictions on the height of the headboard due to weight and stability considerations. Despite making the headboard struts large and strong, they are still attached to the bed frame using bed bolts, which may result in some movement.


Headboard struts typically come with slots that allow for easy height adjustments, which can be useful if you change the height of your mattress or if you want to move your bed frame to a different location in the room.

On the other hand, when wall mounting a headboard, it may not be as easy to move your bed frame since the headboard is attached to the wall. In case you need to move the bed frame, you will have to re-mount the headboard and potentially make repairs to the wall. However, a good wall mounting system should offer some flexibility in terms of adjusting the position of the headboard left or right, as well as accommodating changes in headboard size or design. This can provide some level of adjustability, albeit not as easy as with headboard struts.

Compatibility & Restrictions

Headboard struts are designed to be compatible only with Standard UK size bed frames, assuming that the bed frame has fixing holes on the back. On the other hand, wall mounting systems provide greater flexibility in terms of compatibility as they can be used with various bed frame types, regardless of their size or design.

Space Saving

In rooms where space is extremely limited and every inch matters, wall mounting the headboard on top of the mattress can be a great solution. This allows you to add a headboard without taking up any additional floor space, making it a practical option for tight spaces where length is restricted.

Only UK bed sizes have standardised holes for the distance in-between the headboard struts. If you have a European size bed, or non-standard bed you may not have the option for headboard struts

Our Recommendation

In summary, after evaluating the installation of headboard struts, it can be concluded that while they are relatively easy to install, some degree of movement may still occur regardless of the size or strength of the headboard. Headboard struts also have limited options. Therefore, we recommend wall mounting as the best choice, especially if you do not plan to move your bed frame or if you are not in a rental accommodation. Wall mounting offers greater stability as the headboard is directly attached to the wall, and it provides more flexibility in terms of headboard design and size.
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