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How to Locate headboard Strut attach point on your bed frame

Are you in the market for a new headboard that attaches using headboard struts? The good news is that headboard fixing points are standardised in the bed industry. This means you can purchase a bed frame from one supplier and a headboard from another without compatibility issues.


There are two primary methods for attaching a headboard: headboard struts and wall mounting. In this article, we will focus on headboard struts.


Before ordering a headboard, check if your bed frame has attachment points. These points will be in standardised locations. Some manufacturers provide fixing holes on both sides, while others have them on the front and back of the frame.


If your bed frame is upholstered, the manufacturer may not have pierced the material. You can either look for a sticker indicating the fixing points or run your hand over the material to feel for them.


In the UK, the most common headboard attachment uses M8 threaded bolts. However, older beds (20 years or more) may use 5/16th imperial bolts. We offer a wide range of headboard bolts to accommodate different needs.


Typically, headboard struts are located 6 inches in from both sides of the bed frame, as shown in the illustrations below.

Small Single 2ft 6 Beds

Distance between two headboard fixing points are 457mm (18") for Small Single 2ft 6 Beds.

Single 3ft Beds

Distance between two headboard fixing points are 610mm (24") for Small Single 3ft Beds.

Small Double 4ft Beds

Distance between two headboard fixing points are 914mm ( 36" ) for Small Double 4ft Beds

Double 4ft 6 Beds

Distance between two headboard fixing points are 1067 ( 42" ) for Double 4ft 6 Beds

King-size 5ft Beds

Distance between two headboard fixing points are 1219mm ( 48" ) for Small Single King-size 5ft Beds

Super King 6ft Beds

Distance between four fixing points are following 610mm (24"), 305mm (12") and 610mm (24") between for Super King 6ft Beds

No Attachment Points? Not to worry

If your bed frame lacks fixing points, you can retro-fit them. Ideally, you should locate a structural piece of timber on the back of the bed frame. We offer a Retro-Fitting Kit that includes T Nuts or Threaded Sleeves. You can choose to install the fitting from either the exterior or interior of the bed structure. Make sure to follow the hole center locations shown in the illustrations above.

To create the fixing points, you will need to drill a 10mm diameter hole in the appropriate location.

Number of Points?

The number of fixings points typically on a bed frame is either one or two set per headboard strut, depending on the structure of the bed frame.

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