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Enhancing Your Upholstered Headboard: Piping Explained

Headboard Piping Options - What You Need to Know

Elevate your Upholstered Headboard with various Piping Options. Piping on Headboards refers to a decorative and often functional feature where a cord is covered in matching fabric (Self-Piped) or in a contrasting Fabric. Piping can serve various purposes when used on headboards: Decorative, Structural Reinforcement or Concealing Purposes. Add your personal touch by opting for Piping. An alternative to piping would be decorative upholstery studs


Enhancing Your Upholstered Headboard: Piping Explained

Piping, sometimes known as welting or cording, plays a significant role in headboard design. It serves both a decorative and functional purpose, involving the covering of a cord with matching or contrasting fabric, which is then either sewn or stapled onto various sections of the headboard. This versatile detail has the potential to completely transform the appearance of your headboard.

In the upholstery industry, various types of piping cord are utilised, including options such as paper, polyester, foam, or cotton. These cords come in a range of diameters, spanning from 3mm to 8mm. For our upholstered headboards, we opt for a 6mm pre-shrunk, unbleached cotton piping cord.

Piping serves multiple functions when incorporated into headboard design:

Decorative/Aesthetic: Piping contributes to a refined and polished appearance for the headboard. It adds a tidy and structured edge, offering the opportunity to create contrasts or harmonize with the chosen fabric or material.

Structural Reinforcement/Durability:
Piping reinforces the edges and seams of the headboard, significantly enhancing its durability and lifespan.

Concealing Imperfections: In some instances, piping can be employed to conceal seams or flaws in the headboard's construction, resulting in a more flawless and refined overall look.


Consider adding your personal touch by selecting piping for your headboard. Alternatively, you may explore the option of decorative upholstery studs as an alternative to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Front Edge Piping

Front and Back Edge Piping

Back Edge Piping

Border Piping

Border and Front Edge Piping

Border and Back Edge Piping

Piping in-between Flutes

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