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Fluted Headboards Crafted by Headboards Ltd

Introducing a touch of timeless elegance to your sleep sanctuary, Headboards Ltd presents a collection of meticulously crafted fluted headboards. These distinctive pieces are designed to infuse your bedroom with texture, sophistication, and an air of luxury.

Variety in Design and Customisation

Our fluted headboard range caters to both UK and European bed sizes, ensuring a seamless fit for your sleeping space. Choose from an array of standard designs, including those adorned with horizontal and vertical flutes. Should you desire a specific number of flutes or a unique arrangement, our customization options allow for tailored adjustments. We can even craft headboards with a blend of different flutes upon request.

Elevated Heights, Unmatched Comfort

To match your preferences and bedroom aesthetics, our fluted headboards are available in various heights, ranging from 22 inches to an impressive 84 Inches. The height you select will perfectly complement the design, creating an impeccable harmony that transforms your bed into a focal point of beauty and comfort.

Endless Fabric Possibilities

Selecting the fabric that speaks to your style is effortless with our extensive offering of over 200 upholstery options. Whether you prefer the classic allure of sumptuous velvets or the refined elegance of contemporary patterns, our range ensures a perfect match. Alternatively, you have the freedom to provide your own material, and we can also craft fluted headboards using contrasting materials for an added layer of depth.

Attachment Options

Our commitment to customisation extends to how your fluted headboard is attached. Choose between the timeless charm of headboard struts or the modern sophistication of wall mounting, ensuring a seamless integration with your bedroom's aesthetic.
Transform Your Look with Floor-Standing Fluted Headboards
Discover the remarkable transformation of our fluted headboards into floor-standing versions. Elevate your headboard's impact by converting it into a commanding statement piece that extends from floor to ceiling. This option brings a new dimension to your bedroom's design, creating an even more striking focal point. Additionally, for an extra touch of allure, we offer the possibility to manufacture the headboard wider than the bed frame, allowing you to showcase the full grandeur of your floor-standing masterpiece.

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