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The Ultimate Integrated Wall Mounting System for Headboards

Integrated Wall Mounting System

During the manufacturing process, our wall-mounted headboard is skilfully crafted with an integrated French Cleat, also referred to as Split Batons, to ensure a seamless installation experience. These system offers significant advantages over traditional metal male and female wall-mounted brackets typically provided by other headboard manufacturers. This system is not only more versatile, but also superior in terms of functionality and ease of installation. You don't need to hire a professional, as it is designed for DIY installation, making it convenient and hassle-free for you to mount on your own.

We build a wooden frame behind our headboards and cover it with upholstery. This frame allows us to hide the wall mounting system, so the headboard looks flat against the wall without any visible hardware.

Our mounting system incorporates a French Cleat design, which includes two wooden pieces that interlock at a 45-degree angle. We attach one piece to the headboard during manufacturing, while the other piece is pre-drilled and ready for you to install on the wall. When these two pieces are fitted together, they create a strong and concealed mounting solution that securely holds the headboard in place on the wall.

Our unique mounting system offers a hidden advantage: the wall baton is intentionally narrower than the headboard. This allows for effortless adjustments to the position of the headboard to the left or right without the need to re-drill holes in the wall. Additionally, we strategically mount the baton on the headboard, enabling you to easily adjust its height in the future if you were to change your mattress height. This thoughtful design ensures that our headboard remains versatile and adaptable to your changing needs and preferences over time.

Special wall mounting system for Section headboards.

Our floor-standing headboard is designed in sections to allow for easy access. The wall mounting system operates in a similar manner as described above, with one wall mounting baton provided for you to attach to the wall. The two or three sections of the headboard will then hook onto this single baton, allowing for perfect alignment and a seamless appearance. This design ensures a straightforward installation process.

To ensure the wall mounting system of our headboard works properly, it's important to leave a minimum of 2.5cm (1 inch) clearance between the top of the headboard and the ceiling.

Please note that our wall mounting system is suitable for both brick walls and plasterboard, and you simply need to use the correct fixings for your specific wall type to ensure a secure installation.

Our wall-mounted headboard offers versatile placement options depending on your design preferences. You can choose to mount it:

Above the mattress for a classic headboard look
Above the bed frame for a streamlined appearance
From the floor for a modern and unique aesthetic
From the top of your skirting board for a customised installation.
This flexibility allows you to customize the positioning of the headboard to suit your style and room layout, making it a truly adaptable and personalized choice for your home.

Mounting Instructions:

1. Determine the desired height for the bottom of the headboard and mark the wall accordingly.
2. Flip the headboard over and securely attach the wall baton onto the baton on the headboard.
3. Measure the distance from the bottom of the headboard to the bottom of the bracket.
4. Use this measurement to mark the wall again, aligning the measuring tape with the first mark on the wall.
5. This second mark indicates the ideal position for the bottom of the wall mounting baton.

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