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Bed Bolts for Headboards: Everything You Need to Know

Headboards are an essential part of any bed frame, providing comfort, style, and support. To attach a headboard to a bed frame, you need bed bolts, which secure the headboard to the bed frame. The term "bed bolts" is frequently used to refer to headboard bolts, but this can be misleading because headboard bolts are not the bolts utilized to join headboard struts to the headboard. Instead, they are the bolts that fasten the headboard struts to the bed frame. Bed bolts come in various sizes, lengths, and types. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about bed bolts for headboards.

  • Types of Bed Bolts

There are two main types of bed bolts for headboards: ones with plastic buffers and ones with integrated thumb-wheel.

The ones with plastic buffers are typically cheaper and have a plastic buffer that fits between the headboard and the bed frame to protect both from damage caused by friction. However, they may not be as sturdy and durable as the ones with integrated thumb-wheel.

The ones with integrated thumb wheel are more robust and reliable. They have a thumb-wheel that allows you to tighten or loosen the bolt easily, making them easier to install and adjust. They are also more expensive than the ones with plastic buffers.

  • Sizes and Lengths

Bed bolts for headboards come in different sizes and lengths. The most common diameter sizes for bed bolts are M8 and 5/16 inches. Most newer bed frames (made in the late 20 years) tend to have M8 bolts, while older bed frames may have 5/16th bolts.

When choosing the length of your bed bolts, you need to consider the thickness of your headboard. If you are using them with standard wooden headboard struts, a 50mm length should work on most beds. However, if your headboard starts from the floor, you may require longer bolts depending on the thickness of the headboard it is going through.

Bed bolts are now available in lengths of 50mm to 150mm. Longer bolts may also be required for ottoman beds where a Spacer Block may be needed to move the headboard slightly away from the bed frame. This is because the ottoman bed base can be lifted without clashing with the headboard.

If you are unsure about the diameter of the bolts needed for your bed frame, it's important to avoid forcing the wrong size bolts into the bed frame. If you purchase M8 bolts and they only turn once or twice before stopping, it is likely that you require 5/16" bolts instead. Forcing a bolt with a different thread pitch can damage the fastener on the bed frame, making it difficult to remove or causing it to fail in the future

  • Conclusion

Bed bolts are a crucial component when attaching a headboard to a bed frame. When choosing bed bolts for your headboard, you need to consider the diameter size, length, and type. The two main types of bed bolts for headboards are ones with plastic buffers and ones with integrated thumbwheels. While the former is cheaper, the latter is more robust and durable. It's always best to measure your headboard and bed frame to ensure you get the correct size and length of bed bolts.

M8 vs 5/16 Threaded

It's important to note that the diameter of the bolt may look identical to the naked eye, and it can be difficult to measure the difference between M8 and 5/16 bolts. M8 bolts have a diameter of 8 millimeters, while 5/16 bolts have a diameter of 7.9375 millimeters. The thread pitch is what is different between the two types of bolts. M8 threads have a pitch of 1.25 millimeters, while 5/16 threads have a pitch of 18 threads per inch.

A noticeable difference between the 5/16 bolt and the M8 bolt is the coarser thread or pitch on the 5/16 bolt (bolt on the left), whereas the M8 bolt has a finer thread or pitch.

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