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Bed and Breakfast, Guest Houses, and Guest Rooms: Exploring Headboard Choices

For years, we have been crafting headboard solutions for both trade customers and residential users. A recurring challenge we've encountered is the need for versatile solutions in the context of Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses, and Guest Rooms, especially those utilising zip and link bed frames. Our clients consistently seek ways to optimize space and enhance versatility in these settings.

Solution 1: Custom Headboards on Bed Frame-Mounted Struts for Seamless Alignment

Our solution entails crafting two independent headboards, each securely mounted onto its respective bed frame using headboard struts. This design ensures a perfect alignment, allowing the headboards to seamlessly line up next to each other without any gaps, providing a polished and cohesive look for your setup.

Solution 2: - Extra-Wide Wall-Mounted Headboard for Enhanced Versatility

We offer a tailored solution: an extra-wide wall-mounted headboard. This versatile design allows you to centralize both beds, creating a spacious and comfortable large bed arrangement while leaving room for a bedside table on one side. Alternatively, you can separate the bed frames, turning them into two single twin beds, with the option to place a bedside table in the middle for added convenience.

Solution 3: Customized Twin Headboards with Sliding Wall Mounting System

Our solution involves crafting two single headboards equipped with a sliding wall mounting system. With this innovative feature, you can effortlessly slide the headboards up to 300mm on both sides. This adjustment provides you with up to 600mm of space between the bed frames, giving you greater flexibility and convenience in your setup.

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