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Wool Upholstered Headboards

Wool has been a popular choice for soft furnishings and upholstery for many years.
Our wool is 100% Melton wool and not made from a nylon mix.
Melton Wool has many great properties not only is it a natural fabric its easily cleaned, water resistant and fire retardant. The Melton wool absorbs many harmful pollutants from the air and it does not reemit them.
It is estimated that wool used in interiors can help purify the air for up to 30 years.
Our Melton wool is a classic fabric, We have been using this Melton wool on our headboards for over a decade.
Wool is a luxury natural fabric.
Melton Wool is available in 9 colours online.
We are able to offer our headboards and Beds in Melton wool.

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  1. Melton Wool: Flint MWP09

    Melton Wool: Flint MWP09

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  2. Melton Wool: Coal Black MWU11

    Melton Wool: Coal Black MWU11

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  3. Melton Wool: Silver MWN08

    Melton Wool: Silver MWN08

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  4. Melton Wool: Fawn MWA01

    Melton Wool: Fawn MWA01

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  5. Melton Wool: Willow MWBF31

    Melton Wool: Willow MWBF31

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  6. Melton Wool: Steel MWAR23

    Melton Wool: Steel MWAR23

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  7. Melton Wool: Airforce MWAU24

    Melton Wool: Airforce MWAU24

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  8. Melton Wool: Cobalt MWAX26

    Melton Wool: Cobalt MWAX26

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00