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We send out free fabric samples on a daily basis. We strongly feel that you should be able to see and feel the fabric before making your purchase.

Colours and textures can vary from screens to screens its always best to take the swatch into the room of choice and see if your happy with the colour and texture. We also suggest holding it to your other bedroom furnishing to help you make the right choice.

If you have a particular colour or fabric in mind and can’t find it online please do feel free to send us a email with a picture and we will be more than happy to help assist you find the right fabric for you.

Headboards and beds are a personal thing, we want our customers to find the perfect fabric in the right shade.

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Brushed Linen

  • Brushed Linen: Cottonseed BL01

  • Brushed Linen: White Whisper BL08

  • Brushed Linen: Cosmic White BL03

  • Brushed Linen: Bavarian Cream BL07

  • Brushed Linen: Hopsack BL13

  • Brushed Linen: Cornsilk BL15

  • Brushed Linen- Seashell BL14

  • Brushed Linen: Perlino BL33

  • Brushed Linen: Beaver BL10

  • Brushed Linen: Neptune Blue BL24

  • Brushed Linen: Duke Blue BL29

  • Brushed Linen: Crayola BL20

  • Brushed Linen: Timberwolf BL21

  • Brushed Linen: Greygoose BL12

Mottled Velvet

  • Mottled Velvet: Rain MTV2046

  • Mottled Velvet: Aegean MTV2062

  • Mottled Velvet: Pearl MTV2044

  • Mottled Velvet: Biscuit MTV2045

  • Mottled Velvet: Oyster MTV2047

  • Mottled Velvet: Ecru MTV2048

  • Mottled Velvet: Otter MTV2049

  • Mottled Velvet: Clementine MTV2051

  • Mottled Velvet: Sage MTV2052

  • Mottled Velvet: Fir MTV2054

  • Mottled Velvet: Claret MTV2055

  • Mottled Velvet: Blush MTV2056

  • Mottled Velvet: Mulberry MTV2057

  • Mottled Velvet: Heather MTV2058

  • Mottled Velvet: Plum MTV2059

  • Mottled Velvet: Sea Blue MTV2060

  • Mottled Velvet: Kingfisher MTV2061

  • Mottled Velvet: Midnight MTV2063

  • Mottled Velvet: Fog MTV2064

  • Mottled Velvet: Platinum MTV2065

  • Mottled Velvet: Ash MTV2066

  • Mottled Velvet: Onyx MTV2068

Soft Linen

  • Soft Linen: Powder Blue SL2232

  • Soft Linen: Blueberry SL2240

  • Soft Linen: Petrol Blue SL2234

  • Soft Linen: Jade SL2233

  • Soft Linen: Olive SL2231

  • Soft Linen: Artichoke SL2230

  • Soft Linen: Nutmeg SL2225

  • Soft Linen: Oat SL2223

  • Soft Linen: Putty SL2222

  • Soft Linen: Cement SL2243

  • Soft Linen: Aluminium SL2244

  • Soft Linen: Nickel SL2245

  • Soft Linen: Daffodil SL2228

  • Soft Linen: Peony Pink SL2235

  • Soft Linen: Moon Dust SL2224

  • Soft Linen: Baby Blue SL2238

Luxury Velvet

  • Luxury Velvet: Smoke LV14393

  • Luxury Velvet: Shell LV14389

  • Luxury Velvet: Soft Mauve LV14392

  • Luxury Velvet: Cloud LV13911

  • Luxury Velvet: Phantom White LV13093

  • Luxury Velvet: Shimmer LV13919

  • Luxury Velvet: Japanese Lily LV13929

  • Luxury Velvet: Mineral LV15118

  • Luxury Velvet: Forest Green LV15127

  • Luxury Velvet: Moss LV15126

  • Luxury Velvet: Lagoon LV15122

  • Luxury Velvet: Majestic Purple LV13113

  • Luxury Velvet: Battleship Grey LV13119

  • Luxury Velvet: Buckskin LV13095

  • Luxury Velvet: Storm Grey LV13125

  • Luxury Velvet: Deft Blue LV13117

  • Luxury Velvet: Candyfloss LV13110

  • Luxury Velvet: Toucan Black LV13128

  • Luxury Velvet: Shale Grey LV13126

  • Luxury Velvet: Oasis LV13124

  • Luxury Velvet: Pecan LV13101

  • Luxury Velvet: Bordeaux LV13107

Matt Velvet

  • Matt Velvet Dove MV39

  • Matt Velvet Natural MV05

  • Matt Velvet Buttercup MV33

  • Matt Velvet Marine MV43

  • Matt Velvet Snow MV15

  • Matt Velvet Muted Stone MV25

  • Matt Velvet Shadow MV41

  • Matt Velvet Truffle MV36

  • Matt Velvet French Grey MV37

  • Matt Velvet Concrete Grey MV11

  • Matt Velvet Black Diamond MV12

  • Matt Velvet Turquoise MV42

  • Matt Velvet: Royal Blue MV30

  • Matt Velvet: Sapphire MV14

  • Matt Velvet: Amethyst MV26

  • Matt Velvet: Lilac MV29

  • Matt Velvet: Ruby MV31

  • Matt Velvet: Mint MV04

  • Matt Velvet: Agate Grey MV03

  • Matt Velvet: Arctic Blue MV17

  • Matt Velvet: Cornflour MV10

  • Matt Velvet: Bottle Green MV23

Textured Linen

  • Textured Linen: Aquamarine TL47

  • Textured Linen: Brilliant TL01

  • Textured Linen: Bleu TL48

  • Textured Linen: Calico TL51

  • Textured Linen: Barley TL37

  • Textured Linen: Zinc TL41

  • Textured Linen: Pebble TL42

  • Textured Linen: Steel Grey TL55

  • Textured Linen: Regency Grey TL25

  • Textured Linen: Noir TL18

  • Textured Linen: Grape TL49

  • Textured Linen: Bluebell TL52

  • Textured Linen: Amazon TL11

  • Textured Linen: Sunflower TL46

  • Textured Linen: Lime TL29

  • Textured Linen: Burnt Red TL08

Brushed Cotton

  • Brushed Cotton: Mist BC35

  • Brushed Cotton: Chalk Grey BC48

  • Brushed Cotton: Pewter BC37

  • Brushed Cotton: Zircon BC25

  • Brushed Cotton: Navy BC51

  • Brushed Cotton: Sesame BC26

  • Brushed Cotton: Pillarbox BC09

  • Brushed Cotton: Ice BC05

  • Brushed Cotton: Ivory BC01

  • Brushed Cotton: Vanilla BC56

  • Brushed Cotton: Spider Black BC40

  • Brushed Cotton: Dandelion BC50

  • Brushed Cotton: Apple BC47

  • Brushed Cotton: Sky Blue BC19

  • Brushed Cotton: Feather BC49

  • Brushed Cotton: Cream BC03

  • Brushed Cotton: Clay BC42

  • Brushed Cotton: Camel BC41

  • Brushed Cotton: Wedgewood BC16

  • Brushed Cotton: Baby Pink BC11

  • Brushed Cotton: Slate BC39

  • Brushed Cotton: Fuchsia BC08

Premium Faux Leather

  • Premium Faux Leather: Polar White PFL10

  • Premium Faux Leather: Parchment PFL11

  • Premium Faux Leather: Mushroom PFL14

  • Premium Faux Leather: Aubergine PFL44

  • Premium Faux leather: Saddle PFL16

  • Premium Faux Leather: Cocoa PFL15

  • Premium Faux Leather: Ensign Blue PFL64

  • Premium Faux Leather: Black PFL70

  • Premium Faux Leather: Duck Egg PFL58

  • Premium Faux Leather: Pebble PFL69

  • Premium Faux Leather: Gunmetal PFL73

  • Premium Faux Leather: Ocean Green PFL59

  • Premium Faux Leather: Conifer PFL50

Faux Suede

  • Faux Suede: Silver FS901

  • Faux Suede: Koala FS903

  • Faux Suede: Clotted Cream FS908

  • Faux Suede: Raven FS925

  • Faux Suede: Electric Blue FS921

  • Faux Suede: Hazel Nut FS915

Melton Wool

  • Melton Wool: Flint MWP09

  • Melton Wool: Charcoal MWR10

  • Melton Wool: Coal Black MWU11

  • Melton Wool: Silver MWN08

  • Melton Wool: Fawn MWA01

  • Melton Wool: Willow MWBF31

  • Melton Wool: Steel MWAR23

  • Melton Wool: Airforce MWAU24

  • Melton Wool: Cobalt MWAX26

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