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Our Integrated Wall Mounting System is built into the headboards

Firstly, we do not supply any of our Upholstered Headboard with Metal Wall Mounted Headboard Brackets.

The system we use needs to be Integrated during the Manufacturing process and is a much better and more versatile system; compared with Metal Headboard Brackets 

We start by building a timber frame around the back of our headboards. We then upholster around the board and the frame. This frame allows us to hide the wall mounting system; so your headboard is flat against the wall.

The mounting system we use is called a "French Cleat". The French Cleat consists of two 45 degree batons, they simply lock into one another to mount an object to the wall. 

We attach one of the 45 degree batons on the back of the headboard for you in our Headboard workshop. You will need to attach the other to the wall.

We will attach the headboard baton near the top of the headboard.  If you change your mattress and the depth is different; the last thing you want to do is drill into your wall again. You can simply move the baton on the headboard rather than re-drilling the wall.

The other baton will be strapped onto the back of you headboard for you to attach onto the wall. We have Pre-Drilled the baton for your convenience. This is also to indicate which way the baton needs to be attached to the wall.

We supply our wall baton slightly shorter than the internal width of the headboard. This allows you to be able to move the headboard a few inches to the left or right without re-drilling into the wall.

We also attach a small block of timber on the back of the headboard. This will touch the wall when mounted; this block will stop your headboard from bending in the future.

This system is much better than the Invisible Metal Male and Female Brackets used by other headboard Manufacturers.

We can supply our Integrated Wall Mounting System with either Brick Wall Fitting or Plasterboard Fittings.

Our Recommendations

  • Lock the wall baton in place
  • Measure from the bottom of the headboard to the bottom of the baton
  • Decide where you want the bottom of the headboard to sit; we recommend at the top of your mattress
  • Please ensure you have a least 30mm space on top of the headboard to allow you to Hook the 45 degree batons onto one another