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Blue Headboards and Beds

All our Headboards are available in Blue fabrics

Blue is a great choice for headboards and beds. Being the colour of the sky and sea it’s a great choice to create a cool, calm and relaxing environment. 

All our headboards and beds are available in great shades of blue including baby blue linen, cornflour blue velvet, royal blue velvet and even duck egg in a faux leather.

With over 34 shades of blue and 8 fabric types we will be able to make you the headboard of your dreams.

Customise your blue headboard with contracting piping , buttons or even Swarovski crystals. You could add scatter cushions to help finish the look.

We manufacture our headboard in all Standard UK and European sizes including:

 Small Single 2ft 6 , Single 3ftSmall Double 4ftDouble 4ft 6European Double 140cmKing size 5ftEuropean King 160cm and Super King 6ft

Our blues are available various fabrics including Velvet, Linen, cotton, Suede, Melton wool and many more.

All our headboards are manufactured using flame retardant upholstery grade fabric.

We offer free fabric swatches to ensure you get the right shade for you

Need your order in a hurry? We are able to offer express manufacture services.

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  1. Matt Velvet Marine MV43

    Matt Velvet Marine MV43

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  2. Brushed Cotton: Zircon BC25

    Brushed Cotton: Zircon BC25

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  3. Brushed Cotton: Navy BC51

    Brushed Cotton: Navy BC51

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  4. Brushed Cotton: Sky Blue BC19

    Brushed Cotton: Sky Blue BC19

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  5. Brushed Cotton: Wedgewood BC16

    Brushed Cotton: Wedgewood BC16

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  6. Premium Faux Leather: Ensign Blue PFL64
  7. Premium Faux Leather: Duck Egg PFL58
  8. Faux Suede: Electric Blue FS921

    Faux Suede: Electric Blue FS921

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  9. Melton Wool: Steel MWAR23

    Melton Wool: Steel MWAR23

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  10. Melton Wool: Airforce MWAU24

    Melton Wool: Airforce MWAU24

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  11. Melton Wool: Cobalt MWAX26

    Melton Wool: Cobalt MWAX26

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  12. Matt Velvet Turquoise MV42

    Matt Velvet Turquoise MV42

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  13. Matt Velvet: Royal Blue MV30

    Matt Velvet: Royal Blue MV30

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  14. Matt Velvet: Sapphire MV14

    Matt Velvet: Sapphire MV14

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  15. Matt Velvet: Cornflour MV10

    Matt Velvet: Cornflour MV10

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  16. Matt Velvet: Arctic Blue MV17

    Matt Velvet: Arctic Blue MV17

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  17. Mottled Velvet: Aegean MTV2062

    Mottled Velvet: Aegean MTV2062

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  18. Mottled Velvet: Midnight MTV2063

    Mottled Velvet: Midnight MTV2063

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  19. Mottled Velvet: Kingfisher MTV2061

    Mottled Velvet: Kingfisher MTV2061

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  20. Mottled Velvet: Sea Blue MTV2060

    Mottled Velvet: Sea Blue MTV2060

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  21. Textured Linen: Aquamarine TL47

    Textured Linen: Aquamarine TL47

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  22. Textured Linen: Bleu TL48

    Textured Linen: Bleu TL48

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  23. Textured Linen: Bluebell TL52

    Textured Linen: Bluebell TL52

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  24. Textured Linen: Amazon TL11

    Textured Linen: Amazon TL11

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  25. Luxury Velvet: Mineral LV15118

    Luxury Velvet: Mineral LV15118

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  26. Luxury Velvet: Lagoon LV15122

    Luxury Velvet: Lagoon LV15122

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  27. Luxury Velvet: Deft Blue LV13117

    Luxury Velvet: Deft Blue LV13117

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  28. Luxury Velvet: Oasis LV13124

    Luxury Velvet: Oasis LV13124

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00