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Beige and Brown Headboards and Beds

All our Headboards and Bed Frames are available in Beige and Brown fabrics

Beiges and browns are a great classic and neutral choice for headboards and beds. Both Beige and brown give the feeling of warmth in the room. These are natural comforting earthy colours and help create a relaxed atmosphere in your room. Suitable for both most traditional and contemporary bedrooms

Customise your beige or brown headboard with contracting piping , buttons or even Swarovski crystals. From oatmeal to mocha. We will find the perfect headboard for you.

We manufacture our headboards in all European sizes and Standard UK. We can custom make headboards in you chosen height and width.

We have a variety of fabrics including the below Melton Wool, Velvet, Linen, suede and cotton.

We offer free fabric swatches to ensure you get the right shade for you

Need your headboard in a hurry? We are able to offer express services. 


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  1. Matt Velvet Truffle MV36

    Matt Velvet Truffle MV36

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  2. Easy Clean Velvet : Tan EC3044

    Easy Clean Velvet : Tan EC3044

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  3. Easy Clean Velvet : Otter Brown EC3045
  4. Easy Clean Velvet : Chocolate Brown EC3047
  5. Soft Linen: Cedar SL2226

    Soft Linen: Cedar SL2226

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  6. Soft Linen: Hessian Brown SL2227

    Soft Linen: Hessian Brown SL2227

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  7. Matt Velvet: Plaster MV64

    Matt Velvet: Plaster MV64

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  8. Matt Velvet: Cinnamon MV71

    Matt Velvet: Cinnamon MV71

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  9. Premium Faux Leather: Mushroom PFL14
  10. Premium Faux leather: Saddle PFL16

    Premium Faux leather: Saddle PFL16

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  11. Premium Faux Leather: Cocoa PFL15

    Premium Faux Leather: Cocoa PFL15

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  12. Faux Suede: Hazel Nut FS915

    Faux Suede: Hazel Nut FS915

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  13. Melton Wool: Fawn MWA01

    Melton Wool: Fawn MWA01

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  14. Matt Velvet Muted Stone MV25

    Matt Velvet Muted Stone MV25

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  15. Mottled Velvet: Biscuit MTV2045

    Mottled Velvet: Biscuit MTV2045

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  16. Mottled Velvet: Oyster MTV2047

    Mottled Velvet: Oyster MTV2047

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  17. Mottled Velvet: Ecru MTV2048

    Mottled Velvet: Ecru MTV2048

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  18. Mottled Velvet: Otter MTV2049

    Mottled Velvet: Otter MTV2049

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  19. Textured Linen: Calico TL51

    Textured Linen: Calico TL51

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  20. Textured Linen: Barley TL37

    Textured Linen: Barley TL37

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  21. Luxury Velvet: Buckskin LV13095

    Luxury Velvet: Buckskin LV13095

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  22. Luxury Velvet: Pecan  LV13101

    Luxury Velvet: Pecan LV13101

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  23. Soft Linen: Nutmeg SL2225

    Soft Linen: Nutmeg SL2225

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  24. Brushed Cotton: Sesame BC26

    Brushed Cotton: Sesame BC26

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  25. Brushed Cotton: Clay BC42

    Brushed Cotton: Clay BC42

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00
  26. Brushed Cotton: Camel BC41

    Brushed Cotton: Camel BC41

    £0.00 incl. VAT £0.00